If you'd like to make a booking, discuss a project or ask me anything else, please send me a message including as much detail as possible. I will try to reply within three days:

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Writing projects

I love what I do, so expect me to have a good attitude, communicate well and produce work that meets the deadline. If for any reason I think I may be late with my submission, I will give you advance notice.


My style

I am able to adapt my writing style to fit the requirements of your project. Please send me as much information as possible so I can get an idea of the house style (if there is one). I have experience as a reviewer (films, products and events) an interviewer and also write features and opinion pieces (check my resume for details). In addition, I have had fiction published and am looking to develop my writing in this direction.

I am often able to source images for features. Do let me know if you wish me to do this.



I love what I do, so expect me to have a good attitude and a smile! Unless asked otherwise, I will arrive with clean make-up free skin, washed hair and neat nails. I can pose freely if needed and take direction well if there is something specific you are trying to capture.



I design and make a lot of my own clothes. If you would like me to make anything for our shoot, please let me know a couple of weeks in advance. I can send you photos of anything I have made and sketches of designs/works in progress.

 I am also able to style my hair and make-up to a very high standard but if you are after anything very elaborate, please give me notice.



I work up to and including art-nude. No explicit open-leg, no “glamour” poses.



My rates vary depending on the nature of each project. Contact me with details and I’ll send you a quote which will include travel. I do not charge extra for model release forms.



- I rarely shoot TFP so please don't be offended if I send you my rates.

- TFP/test work must be mutually beneficial. If we discuss a test shoot and you are planning a drastic change from the work in your current portfolio, please tell me. I will have made the decision based on the work that I can see and will arrive expecting to shoot in that style.

- If you think your project may push my levels, please let me know so we can discuss this and find a solution that works for us both. The best thing to do is e-mail me examples of the kind of look you are after.

- Unless we have previously discussed otherwise (or something happens), I expect images from TFP shoots within three months of the shoot date.